Deep Blue

deep Blue.jpg

Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4.25

Have you ever felt the blues? No man I mean like really felt it.

Brandt is a good guitarist, but his band is going nowhere, and really his life up to this point has been going nowhere.  He is broke and if he is awake he is drunk. One night after a gig, he has his bottle and his guitar and is walking down the street.  He comes across an old black man who helps him with his music in ways he could never imagine.  Wally often breaks out his harmonica and can change the mood of a room. Brandt looks to Wally for guidance and inspiration.  As Brandt explores his new ability to really feel his music Sinthia comes along for the ride.

Each member of the band starts to feel what Brandt feels.  They all can sense  things that normal people do not. As they all start bonding over their new found connection, the band really grows.

Once Liz opens up about her story they realize they have to go to Friendly California.  Upon arrival there they have a meeting with Pastor Pain, a man they have all met before.  The band plays the tightest set they have ever played.  Dexter playing the drums doesn’t come in right away, he is feeling the vibe and waiting for the right time.  When he slides in, the sound is so great it could literally alter the universe.






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