Over The Edge of the World:Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

Over The Edge of the World

Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library


This story reminds me a little of George Washington.  Before Washington was leading a new nation, he wanted to be promoted by the British, Magellan wanted notoriety from Portugal neither would receive it.  Washington turned his energies to helping lead America, Magellan went to Spain to get his sanctioned exploration of new trade routes.

There were some communication and trust issue on the exploration.  Magellan was not fully in charge.  lots of the men did not trust him.  They also didn’t fully trust his allegiance to Portugal.

I only read about 130 pages of this book.  It was actually the first book I quit on in my last 175 books.  I was too full of how Bergreen though conversation might have went, and overwhelming details.  I have pushed through many dry reads but did not have the stamina to complete this book.  I always try to persevere on hard reads because you never know when a sentence will jump out at you.  I had not found much in the first 130 pages that I cared for.  I am sure there will be others that will love this book, and since writing is an art, some people like it, some people do not.






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