The Heart of a leader



Format: Ebook

Source: Purchase (David C. Cook does weekly free Ebooks.  That is how I received this book)

Rating 3.25

This is set up not to read straight through but more as a quick reference guide.  each idea has a quote then the following pages emphasizes the idea.  Most of the ideas are broad but still very relatable to leadership.  All of the quotes come from many of the books Blanchard has written or has read.

Some quotes from the book that I particularly enjoyed:

People with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less.

What you resist, persist. Until you deal with the matter it stays. Once you deal with it, you can move on.Too many people are just in business to make money. That is a wrong approach.

Catch people doing the right things and commend them on it. Don’t do blanket statements like Thanks for everything or you’re doing a great job to everyone.


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