Not a quitter 

When is it time to put the book down and move on? I have a rule that I have followed for the last few years if I get more that 50 pages or an hour of audio I do not quit the book. I read on and on and on. Sometimes nothing good comes from it. But occasionally I come across that one sentence that will stick with my for a long time. I mostly read nonfiction so there is always something to find out. One thing that helps me always complete a book I normally have at least 4 books going at once and I am good at knowing where I’m at in each of them (yes I am a freak of nature). But when I hit a lull in one of the books I can hop to another one and keep right on trucking. I will admit that this method has forced me to push through and read some books that by the end I still did not enjoy.  But it has also made me push through and finish a book that by the end I came to really enjoy.  Granted I have had a couple of books because I put them down and would only read a little bit at a time that took me 6 months or more to read.


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