Danger! and other stories


Format: Ebook

Source: Free Download


This is a collection of short stories.  These are the first stories of Doyle’s that I have read that do not include Sherlock Holmes.


Being a Captain of a sub fleet John Sirius has quite a strategy. He decides to take out as many vessels as he can carrying food. He knows they cannot keep the food vessels out forever but has a strategy of keeping them out long enough to make food prices get to the point that is out of the reach of the citizens on the British Islands. As he goes on with his mission he has to be stealthy and nimble.  He becomes a war hero by sinking the ship that forces the enemy to surrender.

  •  This story I thought was very interesting since the Lusitania had not been sunk yet and this story was in a unique way what would happen with the German subs sinking British ships.

Danger! was my favorite of the short stories.  A few seemed fragmented and not fully composed.


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