The Post-American World

Post american

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library


America is big, powerful and changes the world.  Not everything that America does is great, but the rest of the world is trying to follow and be successful in a western fashion.  Zakaria explains how China and India have both started welcoming western ideas in to stimulate their economies. the last quart of the book is dealing mostly with India and how by 2050 if they keep up their current growth they could be as wealthy as America.

A few quotes from the book that stood out to me:

Hyperinflation robs you of what you have now (your savings) Recession robs you of what you could have.

When the government takes everything people do not innovate because there is no reason to acquire wealth if it can be taken.

Car industry
American Health Care Cost add about $6500 per employee for medical and insurance bills, That adds roughly $1,500 per car. But if they move the plant to Canada that has government health care and manufacturers do not have to worry about the cost.


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