Quiet Strength

quiet strength

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating: 3.25

This book takes us through the quiet life of Tony Dungy.  Dungy is a humble man and points out many people who helped him along the way to be successful in the NFL.  This is a nice story of someone who tried hard, realized they didn’t have all the answers and always looked for guidance.  Dungy talks of his faith throughout the book, and how it wasn’t until he was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers that he really started getting on board.  He came from a religious household and it was ingrained in who they were so it wasn’t something he had to try to pretend to be.

Dungy discusses his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and how much he truly loved his team and staff.  He talks fondly of the owners and how sad he was when they let him go.  He talks how when Jim Irsay called him for the Colts job, it was more of a mission statement rather than a recruiting call.  That was something that Dungy really liked.  Throughout the book, Dungy repeats a mantra that stuck with him over the years.  It’s not doing anything special it’s doing the ordinary things better than anyone else.

Overall you don’t learn anything profound from this book, just a quiet guy who sticks to his morals and tries to impact people in a positive way.




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