Two Graves : Pendergast book 12


Format: Audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3.5

Preston and Child have found a way to have a common core of characters and really build on them.  After the murder of Helen Agent Pendergast falls apart.  He is contemplating suicide but just can’t bring himself to do it quite yet.  D’Agosta is worried about his friend but is in the middle of a big case professionally.  Once the case makes a bizarre turn D’Agosta knows the Pendergast can step in and help.  While all of this is going on Corrie Swanson reunites with her father who happens to be wanted a bank robbery.  She is taking the skills she has been developing helping Pendergast to try to figure out who framed her father.  Dr. Felder spends time hunting down sketches from an artist who sketched Constance back in the 1880’s.  His searches to validate the woman who  he has come to love have been a trying subplot throughout the story also.When Pendergast finds out that he has twin sons and they have been in Novo Godoi’  a Nazi village in Brazil.  He goes through everything to try to save his sons.

This story was a little more over the top than some of the Pendergast stories, but after 12 books I guess sometimes things get a little out of control.




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