Into The Wild

into the wild

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library


Rating: 4


Into the Wild is the story of Chris McCandless.  From a well to do family, Chris’ father worked for Nasa and Chris was  brought up in an upper-class environment.  Chris wanted none of it.  After graduating from Emory University Chris decided to travel across the country.  He took the rest of the money out of his college fund, donated it to charity and set off in his Datsun and never looked back.  He picked up some friends and part time work at a grain elevator in South Dakota and then decided to go into the wilds of Alaska.  Through much of the book I couldn’t for the life of me understand why  someone so intelligent and from a stable upbringing would drop everything and leave.  Not only did he go into the wilderness but went highly unprepared except for a book on edible plants and 10lbs of rice.  When the author Krakauer told of his own story of mountain climbing all by himself it gave me a better sense of what I think Chris was all about.  He was a young man trying to figure out who he was in a society that he did not understand or want to really be apart of.  The sad part is Chris died all alone in a bus in the Alaskan wilderness, if he did figure out who he was or who he wanted to be, we will only know from his diary entries.


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