The River Doubt

Format:Dead Trees

Source: Purchased

Rating 3.5

Roosevelt was a man who loved adventure.  After losing the 1912 presidential race to Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt knew what he needed to clear his mind.  He decided to go with Father Zahm to explore the River of Doubt in Brazil.  He knew it would be one of the last times for a great adventure, and his son Kermit was already living and working in South America so he could have his son with him.  Father Zahm’s time on the trip was very short lived since he would not pull his weight and Roosevelt sent him back.  The party was led by Rondon a man that Roosevelt respected but not always agreed with.  Rondon wanted to survey to map out the river that had never been surveyed up to this point.  Roosevelt just wanted to check off this adventure as the Amazon was more than most of the party could handle.  Men we lost in the rapids and dogs were killed by indians.  As food supplies became dangerously low men even killed men.  Kermit was almost lost at one point and suffered fever from Malaria all throughout the trip.  Roosevelt had injured his leg which became infected.  He became deathly ill to the point he could not help the party anymore.

Lucky for the Party the River of Doubt had rubber trappers who the party came across.  They helped nurse the party back to health and most of all nurse their spirits which were extremely low.  Roosevelt survived this adventure but was never quite the same again.


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