Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating 3.25

Mary Roach is a natural skeptic.  And as most skeptics do you loves to poke fun at some of the crazy things we do.  In Spook she ventures far and wide to explore every facet of of our understanding of the afterlife.  She journeys to  India to travel to villages to interview children who are believed to be reincarnated.  She travels to North Carolina to meet with a family whose Grandfather supposedly returned from the dead to tell his son about a Will that was more favorable to his remaining children.  She spends many hours in the library researching many of histories ways of dealing with the death and the soul.  She explores soul capturing devices and the men who invented them.  As with most of Roach’s books you may think this is a weird topic that I won’t enjoy.  But her fun quirky writing style and brashness for hunting down interviews with scientist and experts makes each book and enjoyable adventure.

Review for just the audiobook portion: I was not a fan of the reader.  She tried to do accents and humorous voices, some were ok, but most fell really flat.  A few times throughout the book I honestly thought of quitting the book and picking up a paper copy.  The story was good, the reader was not.


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