Sex and Money

Format: audiobook

Source: Purchase

Rating : 1.75

This books is about 3 things, 2 are in the title.  The other is God.  Tripp’s explanation of why we have sex and money issues is because we do not love God enough.  Which is well and true but that was the point of this whole book.  He kept repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again.  If you have porn issues, its because you are looking for things of the world to satisfy you and not god, if you struggle with money, you can get on a budget but until you love God your finances will not work out.

I was expecting more of this book.  But it really left me waiting for the practical application.  Instead he said Love God.  yup that sums up the whole book, you have problems, now Love God and those problems will no longer exist.



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