Dead Wake

Format : Audiobook

Source: Public library

Rating 3.75

In typical Larson fashion this is not just one story, but 2 stories that coincide.  We follow the passengers of the Lusitania and the crew of U-20.  The Lusitania despite the warning tried sailing from New York to Liverpool.  Many of the passengers were not worried of German Sub attacks at all.  They were having the time of the life on a state of the art steamliner.  U-20 had a the job of patrolling the waters of southern Ireland.  Their fuel and torpedo supplies were starting to run low.  On the Lusitania life was fun.  Many socialites and families were enjoying the peaceful journey.  As part of the crossing was covered in fog so thick that Captain Turner was unsure of how far they really had traveled tried to find a landmark.  While they were getting their bearings straight they spotted the torpedo.  Some of the passengers were in disbelief because they knew that German would never sink a passenger vessel.  When the ship went down many people died in the explosion and many more from the chaos that ensued as staff tried to get people into lifeboats.  of the 1900+ people on board only around 700 survived.  British Military apparently knew that there was a lethal sub in the area but some speculate that this was deemed a necessary disaster to pull the United States into the war.

This was another book read by Scott Brick.  Brick sometimes does a great job giving life to a story.  Points in this story he seemed like he had become very excited and to dial his tone back down.  This is a good book regardless of the narrator.


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