Paleo Cardiologist

Format: Dead Trees

Source: GoodReads giveaways

Rating 2.75
Wolfson covers a great topic in this book. If you eat healthily, exercise adequately, and avoid harmful chemicals it can lead to a healthier life. In his word “Go Paleo, eat organic, and avoid chemicals”. The book overgeneralizes quite a few topics. Some of the topics he discusses are not the most practical. Wolfson discusses how for all the test we run and all the pills that are prescribed most people aren’t getting healthier. He talks of the millions of pills that are taken and may only save 1 life. I also believe that pills and tests can be overdone. But most people want a quick fix without having to partake in a life change.

This book came across as one long essay on if you live just like I do, you can be healthy just like I am. Do things just like me and your life will be better.



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