Boone: A Biography

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public Library

Rating 4.25

Morgan tackles the man the the myth the legend of Daniel Boone. Morgan tries to show us all sides of Boone, from a man who loves to hunt, to the man who loved the wilderness. The man who fought Native Americans to the man who was loved by Native Americans. Morgan talks of how some people regardless of how much we really know about them through letters, accounts, or biographies we are still left feeling like we do no know about a person. Boone is one of those people. A life of disagreeing perspectives. Boone loved Western expansion, but at the same time loved the wilderness that the expansion did away with. He loved hunting, but at the same time, killed in a way that was not sustainable. Morgan gives many examples of how Boone was a bad businessman. He just didn’t care to file paperwork. He just wanted to do the things he loved and didn’t really care much about anything else.

James Jenner is the narrator for this book.  He does a really good job with what could be in parts a dry book.



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