The Money Pit

Format: Dead trees

Source: Public Library

Rating 3.75
In The Money Pit O’Connor gives a nice history of the small island in Nova Scotia. Oak Island has been a place of interest for treasure hunters since the 1700’s. O’Connor has interviewed remaining members of crews and put in years of his own research to complete the book. The island has turned up many interesting items such as coins, coconut fibers, and carved stones. But to this point no treasure chamber has been discovered and a treasure has been spent trying to find it.


I learned of Oak Island a few year back in a podcast from Stuff you missed in history class.  A few years ago the history channel started a show with the Lagina brothers as the latest to try to get to the bottom of the money pit.  The book gives a lot of back history that the show reminds you of after every commercial break.  Having seen the show this book was quite easy to follow because I knew about the various boreholes, Smith’s cove, the Chappel shaft, and the money pit.


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