Setting a goal

Goals for most things can be a good thing.  I think reading is kind of like running.  If you know a runner, boy do they love to tell you about how great their run feels and how much they are looking forward to their next run.  Readers can but much the same.  We love to talk about what we are reading and learning, and how excited we are about the book we are in or just to tell you about the last book we read.  But like most runners they set a goal of running a certain distance or a certain number days of the week.  Readers can do the same.  Websites like Goodreads make it easy for you to set a goal, and as you log your books they update it in your goal.

I think setting a goal for trying to read a book is something everyone should do.  There is great joy found in reading.  If you are a bad reader (like I was most of my life) then try audiobooks.  Audible, and Scribd both set you up with a monthly membership to purchase your books.  The public library is a great resource for audiobooks.  Also most public library’s you can search their catalogs of books online so you don’t have to to walk through hoping something jumps out at you.  Most of the books I get from the lirbary, I have put a hold request on and got them to pull the book for me.

I found I started really reading more once I got a kindle.  I still enjoy real pages, but the kindle let’s me change the font and size and ink color to what suited my eyes the best.  So explore different formats.  I sometimes read a book and think wow this would have made a great audiobook.  Or I will listen to an audiobook and think, I may have gotten more out of this if I had it on my kindle.


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