Mycroft Holmes

Format: Dead Trees

Source: Purchased

Rating 3.25

Mycroft is in love. He becomes engaged to Georgiana. But when his best friend Douglas finds out about murders in his home country of Trinidad, the men decide to go there at once. Georgiana is also from Trinidad and when Mycroft informs her he and Douglas are making the trip she decides to go also. The men search over the ship log but find no sign of her. But after a few skirmishes and being poisoned the men finally make it to Trinidad. When they get to the island they find out quickly about blacks being forced into slavery and the men set out to help. Douglas being a tall black man with Kungfu skills (seems to resemble the author a little don’t you think) they put up a good fight.

Douglas seems to be Mycroft’s Watson. So if you enjoy normal Sherlockian stories this book will fall right in line. Mycroft is much like his younger brother Sherlock. Sherlock makes a few brief appearances in this story because he is still in school.


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