Animal’s Make us human

Format: Audiobook

Source: Public library

Rating 4.5
Grandin leads us through animals mind. She is able to see and understand ways to make animals lives better. This book takes us through the world of dogs, cats, chicken, pigs, cattle, and zoo animals. Grandin discusses many of her consulting adventures in order to show how when you learn what are triggers for the animal you can easily make their life better.

I liked how she discusses the difference dogs and wolves, and how cats aren’t as domesticated as dogs. She also discusses how herd animals can fair better in zoos. She discusses how some animals in zoos will need lots of play time if they are used to hunting.

Grandin does a great job of taking some of the mystery out of the meat industry and how she has implemented many cutting-edge technologies to make the slaughterhouse run more efficiently and to not scare the animals about to be slaughtered.






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